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Our Story

Hi! I’m Sarah Graham. I am the owner and founder of Broken Arrow Homestead. A little background is I have 2 certicates, 2 masters degrees, and a doctorates in natural health. I have chemical sensitivity which led me to natural health and to easing my own chickens and ducks.

Here at Broken Arrow Homestead, we strive to keep everything organic and all natural. Our chickens and ducks were raised here on our farm and have been on an organic/natural diet from day one. They get a variety diet, which means they don’t just get grain they get fruits and veggies as well. They also get a essential oil blend in their water to keep them healthy and their immune systems strong.

We have the ability to incubate chicks or ducklings as well. We have a male mallard and a rooster so we know all of our eggs are able to a chick/duck if we incubate them.

We have a variety of different breeds of chickens: barred Plymouth rocks, golden laced Wyandottes, golden sex links, Black sex links, Rhode Island reds, leghorns, and our own mix we incubated which is a leghorn and buckeye. We have white, cream, light brown and dark brown eggs available. Our duck are mallard, blue Swedish, and khaki Campbell’s.

We just got Nigerian dwarf goats as well. We are still thinking about whether or not to try and milk them to get milk, butter, cheese and make soaps and lotions with it. We will update this once we have made up our minds and the testing process is over. 🙂

If you have any questions about our eggs or about our chickens please don’t hesitate to contact me.