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My husband and I fell in love with chicken-keeping about five years ago now.  Who wouldn’t love an animal that would supply you with fresh and delicious eggs daily…and be the very best composters you ever met! Not to mention these birds have great personalities.  We have owned many different breeds over the years and have learned quite a bit along the way.  We keep a flock of laying hens, and we have gathered some rare breeds that lay chocolate, blue and green eggs!  yes, green eggs!  Dr. Seuss was on to something with his green eggs and ham.

We also breed a smaller number of our favorites , and we have started selling to the public. We care about the health of the animals and providing them with a good life.  Our animals are quite happy and spoiled. For those reasons, the eggs taste better! :- )

Featured Farmer – beginning July 13th.

A BIG thank you to our loyal customers and Local Hens for deciding to feature us!