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The Bucklin Farm is a historic piece of property dating back to 1830 that sits less than a mile away from the traffic circle in New London, New Hampshire on Morgan Hill Rd.  The property has started to undergo a rejuvenating phase to bring it back up operational.

Currently, the farm has about 40 chickens that reside in one of the old main barns.  A purebred Duroc pig who is expecting in July 2015.  In addition to the livestock, recently about 300 fruit trees were planted in the field.  On top of the fruit trees there are a few hundred blueberry bushes that will be going in the ground in the coming week(s) as well.  Not only are fruit and livestock an option at the Bucklin Farm so are farm fresh vegetables, this spring 1,000 asparagus roots were planted in the front field as well.

Any questions please email us at : bucklinfarm@gmail.com

Thanks for supporting local and we look forward to hearing from you!