Burning Tree Farms

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Our Story

Burning Tree Farms got it’s name when my dad was burning the brush in the pasture and a tree was standing and burning, from then on we started calling it Burning Tree Farms. We have assortment of animals on our lands and all of them have a story.. Our big yard horse Dodger (dodged the bullet) came from a kill lot in Stroud OK. Willow our mini horse, was inherited by my childhood best friend and they were going to put her down if no one could take her in, we took her and now she’s best friends with Dodger, she follows him everywhere. He’s not a huge fan of her but she flips out if she can’t see him, I have a friend who is a photographer and has used her as a unicorn before. Huck the goat, was a medium-risk bottle fed baby, my mom had to force feed him for 5 days until he finally started to nurse. Lottie, Wyatt, & Walker – all 3 were bottle babies, Lottie’s mom died around Christmas and our neighbor gave her to use to raise and keep. Then because you can’t have one goat we got Walker the Texas Ranger & Wyatt Earp (Wyatt White Ears) – our neighbor owns the sale barn and gave us these twins boys, milk goats and they don’t want the boys. Walker has a heart on his forehead, don’t let it fool you it’s not true! Panda (Pandora) & Pearl – we had a neighbor who wasn’t made for the farm life gave us her babies and we had them both impregned by our goat foot trimmer. They both ironically gave birth to their babies the same day. Pearl and her baby is Ruby. Panda had twins (which is funny because we didn’t know and I said all the time that she had to be carrying twins) – her babies are Hank & Belle. We do sell hay every year and one year we got two alpacas in exchange for hay. Teddy & Coal – they are so sweet and love chasing the dogs. We recently added two potbelly pigs to this bunch, Pippa came from a friend of my moms at church. Her original name was Elizabeth but we changed it to Pippa like Kate Middleton’s sister. Hamilton or Hammy or Hamster, came from Jade our goat trimmer. We originally, thought he was a girl and named him Violet but since we found out he’s a boy his name is now Hamilton. They love cheerios and belly rubs! Our hens were originally named after the first ladies as our rooster at the times name was Mr. Lincoln, making them the First Lady Layers. Now we have recently added more and have the Bible Chickies as well. We have some roosters in our flock named Lou after his mama who saved him as a baby from a raccoon, Bojangles or Baldie (hatched him in 2020 and helped him unhatch and a piece of shell took off his feathers on his head and they never grew back), and Captain Crunch & Moe who were babies raised by my late favorite hen Happy who are both silkies like their mama. Our barn cats name is Emma, I raised her from a 2 week old kitten and she loves her job of hanging out in our barn! My parents have 5 dogs and 2 cats at their house, and from time to time my 3 dachshunds roam these fields too! My parents have over 25 acres and these animals are all well loved and free ranged to it all! Welcome to our wild bunch!