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Our Story

BWD Ranch is a veteran and family owned all natural farm. We offer all natural produce, duck eggs, pasture raised pigs, grass fed cattle, and goats milk. We raise our produce and animals with love and with no chemicals or additives! Instead of growing just one crop we grow a whole gaggle of produce! We value and respect our animals. We don’t give them any antibiotics, hormones, etc, because we believe that the piggy-ness of a pig is the foundation for its health. All the livestock, ducks included, have lots of room to roam. We have grass fed Dexter cattle and pasture raised Big Black/Wattle pigs. Our dairy goat herd and duck flock is a mix of breeds making the ranch colorful.

We do not ranch conventionally, we use permaculture/restoration agriculture principles to work with mother nature and use her wisdom to provide healthy living produce at reasonable prices. Our ranch will be your own personal grocery store with the enormous variety of produce we grow.

We are a little ranch with a big heart!

We currently have lots of free range duck eggs and hogs for sale!

Also, we have 5 piglets, about 2 weeks old, with more on the way. Contact us now to reserve a piglet or to purchase one!

Not currently offering goats milk