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Our Story

Our farm is the culmination of generations of farmers in both of our families- while our families have raised hogs, tobacco, dairy cows, and hay, we began raising pastured poultry and pork in 2020. As a family, we are focused on revitalizing the old family farm, rejuvenating the soil and raising happy animals out on pasture as we go. We have a passion for producing high quality food for our community. We are grateful to be caretakers of God’s creation.

We use only fresh Non-GMO feed that is grown and milled by another North Carolina Farmer. Our animals live on pasture 24/7, are moved regularly to fresh grasses, and are humanely raised and processed. Pasturing not only produces meats and eggs with higher nutrients, but also improves the soil and regenerates the land. Our meats are always antibiotic and hormone free.

In the spring, we have a U-Pick strawberry patch that we do not spray with chemicals. We also grow seasonal produce; usually including squash, zucchini, potatoes, peppers and more. We only grow Non-GMO varieties and grow them as naturally as possible.

Throughout the year, we offer farm tours and kid camps, as well as other educational opportunities. Come out and experience the farm for yourself!

*Veteran Owned and Operated*