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Carnation Farms is a nonprofit organization on a mission to transform the way that people want to eat. We celebrate delicious and nutritious food produced in a sustainable manner by providing inspirational and educational experiences that positively affect the health, the environment, and local economies. We develop the next generation of food citizens and grow new farmers.

From the farm to the forest to the river, we believe that growing and harvesting food must be done in ways that contribute to a healthier environment. And we’re big believers that sustainable food is good food. Your mom would be proud: being responsible eaters and growers brings its own tasty reward.

Animal Husbandry: We believe in transparency and avoid using marketing terms that are misleading to the public. We encourage you to know your farmer and the source of eggs and meat. We are proud of our animal husbandry practices and ensure that guests can see how they are treated as part of a visit to the farm. The Animal Welfare module outlines five freedoms for animal welfare, we abide by and exceed these standards. We are also Certified Organic.