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We’ve gardened and raised our own foods on our property for over 10 years and put the excess from our garden on a table by the road. Recently we have decided to expand on the concept and offer a larger selection of farm fresh produce. This year we are looking forward to offering a variety of tomatoes, a variety of peppers, brussels sprouts, broccoli, yellow summer squash, zucchini, cantaloupe, watermelon, Lima beans, green beans, beets, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, and various colors of green beans. In addition to that our blueberry bushes and strawberry patch are loaded with blossoms! We also have apple trees, peach trees, and cherry trees but have not been able to pick a large harvest yet, but hope to in the coming years. We have a variety of Chickens so our eggs always look like it is Easter time!

Due to problems we have had in recent years our farm stand is only open certain hours.  Typically I will open it for a few hours in the early morning, close for awhile to do round 2 of picking, and open again from about 6 pm until dusk.  I do not put the eggs out (I don’t want to refrigerate them outdoors or have them get too heated for extended times) but they are normally available.

You may encounter greeters from time to time.  We have a dilute tortoiseshell (fancy way of saying gray and light orange) barn cat that can be very friendly.  She enjoys being petted but does not like to be picked up and held.  She may also try to jump in your vehicle if you leave the door open!  Our chickens will sometimes make it to the front of the house looking for bugs.  They are pretty docile and usually won’t come up to you, but you may see them scratching around.

Occasionally you may also find other items for sale in our farm stand.  Shane enjoys black smith projects and puts them in there from time to time.  Most recently he has made several dinner bells.  Tamara enjoys hand crafts and will make tote bags out of old feed bags.  They work awesome for loading up with fresh produce and won’t rip out on you like plastic bags can.  You may also find jams and jellies when we are having great growth periods.  For some of our hand crafted items you can check out our Etsy store at