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Our Story

Why Cat’s Paw? Well, cats always land on their feet. We think that’s a great aspiration!

A few years ago my husband and I had the realization that it was time to move home (back to Oregon) after having been on the East coast for about 15 years. We knew we wanted a different lifestyle, simpler and quieter. We had a desire to more towards both self-sufficiency and sustainability. We found a few acres and began creating our dream. 🙂

The first year we started our egg laying flock. The second year we added to the flock. This year we’ll be adding ducks and Pygora goats. (I love all things yarn & can’t wait to “grow my own” from these adorable goats). This year we’re also going to be raising our meat chickens at our own place instead of at a friend’s farm this. Since we have the room, we’re taking orders from others who would like to feed their family fresh meat chickens raised kindly on a healthy, natural diet.

We also have planted a variety of fruit trees, and keep increasing our garden area. We find we’re starting a lot of seedlings for the garden this year with the intention of feeding the goats and the chickens! They work hard & deserve nomminess from the garden too! 🙂

Give us a call, email or text and we’ll have your eggs ready and waiting!