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Our Story

When Dave said he wanted to get chickens a few years back I told him I would only get chickens if they were “cute” chickens to make him think twice as I wasn’t really on board.

A few years later and I’ve excelled in chicken math. We have several breeds of chickens. We have some heritage breeds (speckled sussex, barred rock, brahma’s) as well as some unusual breeds (german biefielders, silkies and polish). Our newest additions are english orpingtons which tend to grow much larger then your standard orpingtons.

We pride ourself in our chickens and they are free to range in large yards (they are fenced for their safety) and it’s never unusual to drive by early morning to see me out there with our shelties turning everyone out for the day (rain, shine or snow). Our goats are sometimes out and grazing the yard. Beware of our ‘Boss” goat as he will try and hitch a ride with you and we warn people he is an excellent pick pocket.

We always have eggs available. Please feel free to contact Dave or I.

While our mailing address is Gary, we actually live right outside of Griffith.

Have a great day and hug a chicken!!