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Liz built our chicken coop with the help of some good friends and reclaimed lumber picked up from an art installation, a haunted house, and an old climbing wall. We started chicken-keeping in earnest just before the pandemic hit and were able to supply friends and neighbors throughout the supply chain difficulties. Now we have even more chickens (and more eggs to share) than before.

We picked our girls for a beautiful rainbow of egg colors and for friendliness and personality and have raised them since they were a day old. We have breeds like Marans, Australorps, Andalusians, Welsummers, and Easter eggers giving us brown, white, chocolate, blue and green eggs. So expect a rainbow of color.  They have an automatic coop door that gives them access to a spacious shaded run daily, free access to grain, all the kitchen scraps and leaf litter they could want, and free reign of the garden in fall and spring.

Asking for $5/dozen but will not turn away anyone needing food. Bring us your old egg cartons for $1 off. Any profits will go directly to keeping the girls fed and improving our little homestead and community.

We also have chicken manure and rabbit manure available for you garden. BYO 5gal bucket and we will fill for $5.

Please share in our bounty.


**please note our eggs are unrefrigerated as many farm fresh eggs are**  Your eggs will likely be collected fresh from the egg box that day but will always be less than a week old since being laid. If you have a strong preference for refrigeration please let us know and we will refrigerate immediately upon collection.
You can learn more about why we do not refrigerate here: https://www.fresheggsdaily.blog/2015/09/do-i-have-to-refrigerate-my-fresh-eggs.html