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Our Story

In 1998 my husband and I moved  back to San Benito, Texas, after being away for 20 years serving in the military.  CD&J Mini Ranch is a family run farm outside of San Benito and is located in deep South Texas of the Rio Grande Valley, close to South Padre Island and the Southern border of Texas, where the gulf breeze always blows.
We have 34 acres that we homestead. We want to share our experience from city life to country living by providing an  educational experience for all that come to our Mini Ranch, (it will also be fun).  I want to educate adults and children who have, or want to eventually have, small pieces of land where they can raise a few animals and be more self-sufficient. I have found that the smaller animals work best for me because they are easier to handle, they are much easier on the land, they eat less and my fences hold them.  I have never had one of my mini cows push over our fence like the neighboring huge cows do.  We raise all of our animals and our fruits & vegetables using organic and ecological techniques.  We sell all of our animal’s offspring including goat kids – bottle babies & weaned; Kunekune piglets, mini rex rabbit kits,  miniature calves, many varieties of chicks, Buff ducklings, a variety of guineas, Midget white and Bourbon red turkeys and mediterranean miniature donkeys.  We have lots of  eggs from our chickens, ducks, turkeys,  geese, & guineas.We sell our USDA Certified for resale pork, rabbits, chickens & eggs at our ranch and local farmers markets.