Cedar Valley Family Farm

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Our Story

We are the Cisewski family living in Winona, Minnesota. In 2018 we moved from a townhome in the middle of town to the country. We live on 14 acres and raise Irish Dexter Cattle. Besides cattle we have a livestock guardian dog named Otter, two Kunekune pigs named Oreo and Benny, lots and lots of chickens and most recently we added a worm farm to our homestead. Our friends called us crazy and were shaking their heads as they watched us add more and more animals to our home. During COVID 19, as the world changed and quarantine became unbearable, Jasmine and Jenna (9 year old twins) decided to put an egg stand at the bottom of the driveway. One thing led to another, and the Cedar Valley Family Farm was born. It quickly became a hobby to keep our minds off the world events and to stay busy away from friends and family. Our eggs were selling out each time we put them up for sale. We decided to add 90 more chickens to our flock, justifying that if no one bought them, then we can at least keep our extended family and friends fed. Keep up with their daily adventures on Instagram @cedar_valley_family_farm.