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We are CG Ranch, an environmentally conscious small local farm that raises chicken eggs, goats, and cattle on 30 acres near Silk Hope, NC. We are passionate about country life and being surrounded by animals, and aim to produce healthful products in an environmentally and animal-caring, sensible, sustainable manner. Unnecessary chemicals have not been applied to the land in our 8-year tenure.

Our barn side Egg Stand is open 24 hours a day and is self serve for your convenience.

We collect and recycle egg cartons, and most of our electric is supplied by solar panels mounted on the barn roof.  The delivery car is also electric, and receives most of its power from the sun.

The chickens free-range on the pastures in the fresh air and sunshine and eat grass and bugs.  They scratch, dust, and, well, act like chickens!  Their eggshells are a delightful, colorful combination of blue, green, olive, brown and white-just for fun!  Aside from grass and bugs, upon returning to the coop toward evening, the birds typically have a big snack before bed.  The chickens eat a specially blended recipe free of hormones, antibiotics, or growth promoters. The bulk of these feed components are purchased locally from Siler City or Pittsboro businesses.