Chewy’s Backyard Farm

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Our Story

Our Farm to Your Table

Chewy’s Backyard Farm a small first-generation family farm in Tallapoosa, Georgia, serving Northwest Georgia and the western metro Atlanta area 

Our Mission

Everyone loves the taste of farm fresh meat and produce, and it seems that so much of today’s food is tasteless and bland. We decided to be the difference and make a change. This is our mission, provide you and your family homegrown vegetables and fresh healthy clean chicken.  Bringing back the taste and texture food should have. Though, not organic certified, we do use organic practices in growing and raising our livestock. We try diligently to avoid commercial chemicals in our operations, no commercial pesticides nor commercial herbicides. Though there are times we use natural elements to take the place of chemicals.  We use only non-Genetically Modified Organism (Non-GMO) seeds and feed, bringing only the best to the market. We never want to introduce man-made elements into our natural way of growing. 

Our Way

Rather than growing one crop on all our acreage, we grow various fruits and vegetables throughout the season. We do this to give you that fresh from garden taste and experience. Our chickens spend their lives outside, in the sun eating grass, bugs, and a small amount of non-GMO grain. Our egg laying hens are totally free-range, spending all their time around our house and buildings. They only spend the night in their coop, to protect from predators. Because of this, their eggs are superior with deeper yolks, better color, and better flavor.