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We carry over 21 pure breeds (when all in season). They have 3 vaccinations. One vaccination for Mareks, Avian Encephalomyelitis and Fowl Pox. We are inspected by the state once a year and can provide you with a valid Pullorum-Typhoid Health Certificate on all chickens you buy.

We sell over 10,000 birds a year and guarantee all of them to be females or you may return the “female impersonator” (rooster) for an exchange of a real girl! Only the birds not sexed at the hatchery are straight run, Cream Legbars, Black Copper Marans and Silkies. We provide free e-mail or phone support after the sale. No minimum number to or a hundred it’s OK with us.

Customers are seen by appointment only…we really want to spend time with each customer and this is the only way we can do that. We accept cash only. We carry 1100 to 1500 birds at one time. Not all breeds available at all ages.