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Local family farm.

Chicks have started to hatch, mostly Rhode Island Reds so far.

I will likely have the following breeds available in quantities of 10+ chicks or 2+ dozen eggs: Marans, Bielefelder, Rhode Island Red, Polish, White Leghorn, and Cream Crested Legbar.

I will likely have these breeds available in smaller quantities: Light Brahma, Ayam Cemani, Bantam Ameraucana, Cochin Bantam, Buff Brahma Bantam. Buy these with other breeds if you want a discounted price for quantity. I will only offer silkies as hatching eggs.

  • Straight run chicks: $3 ea or 20/$50. I may not have 20 of a single breed at a time, but you can mix and match.
  • Light Brahma straight run chicks: $5 ea
  • Autosexing chicks (Bielefelder and Cream Crested Legbar) chicks: Pullets $6 or 10/$50 and cockerels $1 each or free with purchase of other chicks.
  • Ayam Cemani chicks: $7 each or 3/$20 if solid black. $5 each if they hatch with any white.
  • Hatching eggs: $12 for 6 eggs, $20 for the first dozen, and $15 for each additional dozen. $125 for 10 dozen of the mix-and-match variety that is available (I will take into account your preferences, but you will get a little of everything).

I can meet at the Chehalis Walgreens with chicks or hatching eggs or in downtown Olympia with hatching eggs only.