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UPDATE 4/2/2019 - GOAT BABIES - WE HAVE 2019 KIDS AVAILABLE - please call, text or email for more information 
We are a small hobby farm with farm fresh produce directly from our pets

Chubb E. Acres Farm was started August 2016 when my husband & I bought our dream house - a small hobby farm on 10 acres. 
Our family currently consist of: chickens, ducks, quail, Nigerian dwarf goats, emus, horses, barn cats & 4 trusty farm dogs. Our little farm business is a hobby which basically helps to off set some of our feed costs but we would love to retire tomorrow and just work on the farm making our artisanal creations. Hope you enjoy our farm fresh eggs, honey and cheese. Please message us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a farm tour. 

ORDERS ARE CUSTOM MADE: If you'd like eggs, honey or goat milk products please email or text me and I will put your order in our black mini frig on the porch - money can be left in the red box on top of frig and you can pick up at a time that is convenient for you. 

Farm Fresh Eggs -
Chicken - standard eggs $5
Chicken - small/rainbow colors $4
Barnyard mix (mix of duck, chicken, bantam & sometimes quail eggs) $5
Quail - $4 per 15 eggs(or $10 for 3 dozen)
Duck (when available) $6/dozen
Emu eggs (when available) $15/egg - our Emu is done laying for the season - check back Nov 2019
Hatching eggs - please email or text me to pre-order (chicken, quail or duck)
Honey - All out for this year - check back Spring 2019
Goat Chèvre & Farmers Chesse - All out for the season - check back Spring 2019