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I had a few chickens that I found to be so hilarious and comical. I enjoyed their company and their fresh eggs tasted so better than the organic eggs I had bought before we had a few hens. So I started looking at the different heritage breeds. I found that a hen can lay a green egg! Wow that was interesting. How many times have you read “green eggs and ham” to your kids. So funny. So I bought a few other hens and started having lots of eggs.

I’ve given fresh eggs to friends and family. This past spring I decided to get my candling license with the GA Department of Agriculture. Selling fresh gives my family awesome eggs and allow me to continue to feed my hens the best nutrition so they can yield a healthy egg. My hens are so happy and so am I !!!

My hens are turned out on grass all day and put up in a big barn at night for their protection.

They are fed Nutrena layer pellets and are given sunflower seeds and mealworms in the evening.

They get oil of Oregeno in their very clean water everyday. Oil of Oregeno is an natural antibiotic, antiviral, anti fungal and anti-parasitic. Pathagens can’t build a resistance againist oil of Oregeno.

My eggs taste great because I have very happy hens too!!