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Our Story

I am the Owner-Operator of Clover’s Microgreens.
Like many of you I had tried sprouts before but had never heard of “microgreens”. Once I discovered them I noticed them always being used as a garnish. Or for sale at high end grocery stores for top dollar. But I could not find a local supplier here in the Valley so started the research train and for two years I dug in and learned all I could. Once I felt confident I decided to give it a whirl for my own consumption. I learned a lot in the first few months, so I decided I was in love with this idea of providing a clean healthy eating food to my family and decided to share with you!


Here at Clover’s Microgreens, we offer locally grown, high-quality fresh microgreens.

  • All seeds are organic and non-GMO.
  • All Greens are grown in organic soil or other organic medium.
  • Our microgreens are grown in a controlled environment.
  • We do not use pesticides, hormones, or any other chemicals.