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Well it finally did it, July 12th we reached 100 degrees here in the DFW area—and one other 100 following. We knew it was coming. After that, we lucked out with just high 90s—that’s worth an elbow bump here in Texas! The rain received this month has kept lakes up and there’s been hardly any mention of water shortages. Several times, it rained so hard, our yard looked like a lake! It never sits there long in our sandy soul! The ladies have seemed fine but I’ve been giving them supplements in the water and frozen water bottles in their splash saucers when temps hit 95+.

Eggs! I was glad to see our ladies being real troopers keeping up production in spite of the heat! Although we have 4 nestboxes, the ladies choose to use just the upper boxes, as the secure door there is screened and not solid wood. We left the bottom nest box door open to help cool those, but they still prefer the upper boxes! We’re just happy. Our customers have been happy with egg availability and several have received 1 ½ dozen when we can’t supply 2 dozen! 

Putting the food and water outside the coop during the day has removed the incidences of finding our ratties in the coop when locking up! Happy with that! We put the food and water back inside the coop so the ladies can have breakfast before I get out to open the coop in the morning. One improvement we did last month has held up—the mesh blocking rats getting behind the back wall, but now, we suspect they’ve gnawed a hole behind the nestboxes! We will have to explore that issue as soon as the handyman—aka fab hubby—is ready to squeeze into the roost area! Fun times, always!

Stay cool! Around 5:30 each evening, I recline upon my team deck chair placed in the shade while the ladies get to hunt bugs in the backyard. I save them strawberry tops, carrots, green beans and other chopped veggies and fruit that I put in the fridge to chill. When the evening comes, I add some chilled water and shaved ice in the bowl and put them in a shady spot. They love the floating items, all cool, then take long drinks of the chilled water. Around 6:30, I pick up my herding sticks and waving them slowly up and down on either side, slowly encourage the ladies back into their yard. They’ve gotten into the routine and by now, they require little of my ‘guidance’ to return to the chicken yard! Such smarties!
The Pandemic continues. I do have a hand made mask, thats a nice dark green
and works just fine, I couldn’t help but snatch this cute mask with the two hens on it! So perfect and our customers get a kick out of getting a delivery in a lady with a chicken mask on her face! We’ve done really well this month, but, as usual, breaking even. It takes lots of our Purina Free Range feed and good fresh, cool water to keep the ladies it top form. We’re just happy they’re happy! And we’re happy to make our customers happy—even if we must wear (a cute chicken) mask and fashionable black gloves! All our supplies are manufactured in a sanitary facility and not touched until they come to me. I pack the eggs wearing gloves, and the green plastic bag in which they are delivered is pre-sanitized during manufacture and after the eggs are removed, can be used as a waste basket liner. It’s also compostable when thrown into our trash! Always trying to be safe as well as eco-friendly
     With our great weather we’ve had this month, we go into August with the hope of continuing with just 90 degree weather. We’re hanging in during our pandemic, doing more home cooking, getting take out from our local restaurants, and catching up on movies in the afternoon. I’m back, working on a novel, joined a local writers group, and have bravely emptied the last of the moving boxes! Now to just find a charity accepting donations!

Enjoy the newsletter, stay cool, keep safe, and let me know what you’re into these days! 

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