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We’re open and now taking orders! We just have 7 hens so you might get put on a “waiting eagerly” list!

Still just $4/doz or $2 for six! Free local delivery or curbside pickup! We’re keeping you safe by wearing masks and gloves when giving you the nutritious eggs.

Feel free to ask any questions about eggs, the chickens, us, our ‘farm’, if we don’t know the answer, we’ll hunt it up! 

June Coop Newsletter 2020

June is always the month we know to see the 95 degree days begin. We were lucky this time to put it off till the last of the month! Egg have been steady-ish, one day we get six and the next we get three maybe. Were good either way. We’re continuing to gain new customers from our page so regular customers ask ahead of time to get on the list. Smart move! Improvements got made on the coop and the ladies are still uncertain on the dustbath vote.

As with anything new, our ladies are wary. What is this? What’s it for? Theres no food in here! What’s it here for? “It’s for you!” I say! Smiling, hopeful. They shake their heads, give me a ‘stupid human’ look and trot off to find fun or food elsewhere. Well dangit! Bill has suggested putting the ashes from the fireplace on the sand to see if that would make them happier. Gonna have to do that. I’ve been ,admittedly, lazy there. At least, Rosie, our ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ hen gave it a tryout. Still no vote of approval yet.

Eggs! We’re happy that new customers text or email us about our eggs, where are we, what kind of eggs, etc. I explain, going into as much detail as they seem to want. They are happy to hear we do free delivery locally, or just zip by for curbside service! We’re here almost always now, minus the occasional vet visit or grocery pickup. With the nicer temperatures and us keeping their splash pools full, the ladies seem to be happy to lay their eggs for us. I do think they enjoy the cushiony softness of the fancy turf liners we now use. Much easier to keep clean, with extras, so they can sanitize in the sun before reuse. Our little grand is the age where she wants to help me with the chickens and has gotten dextrous enough to gather eggs with one of us holding the basket. I’ll make a chicken mommy out of her for sure! The ladies come when she calls them (with the offer of mealworms treats) and she is thrilled to get to pet some of them. Life is Good!

Improvements! We got the winter plastic off the coop exterior so breezes could keep the coop cooler and fresher. We removed the interior wall in the back roosting area to repair where rodents chewed a hole to hide back there till I closed up the coop, then stuff themselves on the hen’s food! Arggghhh! Bill got inside after a coop cleanout to insert a heavy mesh barrier, then reseal. Culprits also hid inside a concrete block where the waterer sits. I put a paver of similar size atop and now no more ratties! Moving the water and food out of the coop keep the inside of the coop critter free. I replace the food and water before I close the coop so they can munch before I open in the morning. All these improvements have been successful and our ladies are sleeping much more peacefully now. We discovered another hole in the roof after anoth rain storm. It was big enough to go drip-drip-drip onto the shavings making a smelly mess. My little paper plate scoop wouldn’t last long on that stuff. Bill had a large metal work scoop in the garage. Not only was the scoop easier to use, it scooped up more poo/shavings! I cleaned the whole area in half the time! I can now get the poo tray cleaned out by the time Bill comes around to water plants and fill saucers. He now gives the poo tray a good jet spray. It dries in the sun–a good germ killer, and I finish the inside of the coop before I’ve finished my morning coffee! The coop stays bare until I let the ladies play in the backyard. I finish their coop refresh, then sit for a cold one in the shade while they hunt bugs and weeds. A perfect day!

Yum! Of course we give our hens as many veggie scraps healthy for them—nothing rotten, spoiled, or fuzzy with mold—but carrots tops and tips, green beans, lettuce cores, cabbage treat balls, etc. Sometimes, the kids save their seafood platter scraps for the ladies, full of shrimp tails, catfish bits, some fries, plus they save their egg shells that we dry, micro a few seconds, then crush to add to their feed. The hard shrimp tails and egg shells add calcium and other nutrients to help make great eggs. Our prime objective! We are gathering tomatoes, which the ladies covet. Sometimes we miss one and it falls, being overripe. We make sure they get those, and sometimes, if we have more than a handful, a couple prime ones! Such happy hen noises!

We’re not exactly looking forward to July as we know the 95 will soon give way to 100 degree days. Maybe it will hold off till August! It’s rained enough that all our plantings look wonderful and the chicken yard is beautiful! We’re not going anywhere. With the pandemic getting worse, not better here, cities have called off and cancelled their usual fireworks displays to keep gatherings from happening. It’s gonna be kinda sad. I can’t remember a time when we did not celebrate our Independence Day with fireworks and family. These are unique times. My “Covid Days” journal will probably be a curiosity for my little grand’s children’s “Show n Tell” school days. Even more so since it’s hand written. I just hope they can still read cursive by then.

Have a safe 4th, take loads of pictures to document this oddest of celebrations and share with friends and family. They will be great conversation starters for our children’s children!

We’re on Instagram too: #cluckinbetterfarm