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Our Story

We started off as Coddled Chickens.  However, once we added other poultry (ducks and turkeys) we decided to rename our place to Wings and a Prayer Farm.

Our egg laying hens run free all day long and then they put themselves to bed at night.  They are fed a non-GMO, non soy feed.  We also give them treats (they love grapes and apples) and spoil them rotten.  Our feeling is that spoiled chickens (and ducks) lay better eggs.

Not all of our chickens have names, there are too many of them.  Feel free to call for a tour and see how they are treated so you know from where your eggs are coming.

Yes, we are NPIP Certified.

Our Australorp program is finally underway!  We have also added Delawares and they are getting a great start.

Australorps and Delawares are great dual purpose breeds (eggs and meat) and are both on the Livestock Conservancy List for critical, endangered, threatened or recovering breeds in the US.  They lay large tan to brown eggs, but don’t make very good broody hens.

We have also added the following heritage breeds:  Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red and French Black Copper Maran.  The Maran’s will lay a deep chocolate egg.

We have some hatchery Araucana chickens now which will lay a blue egg.  When crossed with the Marans, the offspring will lay an olive colored egg.  Further breeding will produce a chicken that can lay any color of the rainbow, from blue to pink 🙂