Colin’s Eggs at 458 West

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Our Story

Colin’s Eggs are produced in Pittsboro at our small, family run bed and breakfast. The bed and breakfast is called 458 West and is located on an acre just 1/2 from the circle in downtown Pittsboro, NC.

Our chickens regularly free range around the property. Our son Colin is their head caretaker and primary egg collector. They are very friendly and some enjoy being held or even a receiving a good head rub.

We have twenty-two chickens in total. There are four different breeds: Rhode Island Reds, Cuckoo Marans, Americanas and Olive Eggers. This results in egg shell colors of light brown, dark brown, blue-green and olive green. Their diet includes layer feed, scratch grains, cracked corn, seasonal vegetables and fruits from the garden and high protein treats including dried mealworms which are a flock favorite!

Price $5.00 per dozen, $7.00 per 18 pack