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Common Good Farm is a certified organic farm near Raymond, NE.

We offer certified organic, pasture raised eggs…the real deal! We’ve included laying hens as an important part of our farm for a couple of decades.  Our lovely brown eggs are from chickens pastured on our certified Bio-dynamic pastures. We grind our own organic custom mix of chicken ration to supplement their diet of bugs & grass & scraps from our own vegetable production. We procure the organic grains from other Nebraska farmers that certify organic. Eggs are sold direct on-farm year-round, as well as through Open Harvest in Lincoln & at Sunday Farmers’ Market in College View in Lincoln from late April – end of October.
Certified organic eggs means they receive no antibiotics, hormones or GMO grains. We rotate the chicken houses throughout our pastures in moveable houses with portable fencing to protect them from wild animals & neighborhood dogs, as well as protect the produce from the chickens. They are an important part of our pest control management strategy (chickens love grasshoppers especially!) & forage makes up about 30 percent of their diet. We pack our eggs nest run — this means mixed sizes in a carton. Carton weight total runs from medium (minimally) usually more towards large to extra-large.Recognition of our farming practices: We received an exemplary rating for our organic egg production by the Cornucopia institute in 2010…one of the top 7 or so ranked organic egg producing farms in the US. The scorecard was updated for a third time in September 2015 & we maintained our exemplary/gold-standard rating. Find more information about it here…