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Our Story

We started our backyard flock with six black Australorps in 2010, slowly grew our layer flock, then added breeding chickens in 2014.  We sell brown free-range eggs from the layer flock, which consists of several breeds including Australorps, Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, and a Light Brahma.  We also have one Ameracauna, Sammie, who lays beautiful green eggs.

Our breeding flock is made up of English Jubilee Orpingtons (Greenfire Farms and Marc Sacre lines) and Lavender Orpingtons (Hinkjc line).  We are crossing the American line lavender Orpingtons with English Black/Lavender Split Orpingtons with the goal of creating a more English style lavender while infusing more genetic diversity.

In 2015, we are selling Jubilee Orpington chicks, Lavender and Black/Lav Orpington chicks (half English), and hatching eggs for the Lavender and Black/Split Orpingtons.

Our little operation is NPIP certified, and one of us is a veterinarian.  We prefer to have chicks and hatching eggs picked up, but we will ship when the weather cooperates.

We started our farm just to have better tasting eggs from humanely raised (totally spoiled) hens, and now also wish to help preserve dual purpose heritage breeds such as the Orpingtons.

We welcome your inquiries!

We are currently hatching Jubilee, Lavender, and Black/Lav split Orpingtons.