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Our Story

We are a small family farm located in Northwest PA, just south of Erie.  We were blessed to acquire this property in the fall of 2015 after feeling in our hearts for many years that we belonged in the country, raising our 2 boys with room to roam and enjoy nature, and beginning our journey to supplying our own food (and milk!).   Knowing where your food comes from and how it was raised is a very exciting thing!  It is sometimes a slow journey and sometimes I feel like we are moving FAST when we are adding multiple new operations within the same month!  It has been an amazing adventure learning and mastering the new facets on our farm.  Neither of us came from a farming background, but have always enjoyed the peaceful, calm feeling of being in the country.  Not ones to be intimidated, we read, read, read, then jump in and enjoy working as a family to build this into the well-functioning homestead of our dreams.  Not a day goes by that we don’t stop to enjoy the beauty that we have been blessed with.  We are excited to be able to share these blessings with you in the form of many things:  pastured eggs from happy and healthy hens, pasture raised meat chickens, goat kids, and more to come!