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Our happy hens (and a few roosters to protect the girls) free range daily to produce healthy farm fresh eggs. Eggs vary from medium to XLarge in all shades of brown, green, blue and cream.  Strong shells and tasty eggs!  Deliveries to Galeton, Eaton and Kersey areas can be arranged.  Contact Cornish Corner Farms today!

The new coop is laying like crazy now.  Loving the Salmon Faverolles and Blue Laced Red Wyandotte.  And of course there are the Orpingtons.  No chicken coop is complete without those friendly ladies.  I have my Lavenders which are amazing and beautiful.  Then there are my Buffs–Thelma, Louise and Big Bird!  Thelma and Louise go further around the yard than any other hen here and rarely want to come in at night.  So some of you may understand why they got those names!