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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! We’re Countryside Farm, located in Cedar Creek, TX. Text or call me directly at 512-363-2310.  On our family farm we raise happy & healthy animals. Our poultry spend the majority of their lives wandering and foraging from the pastures and woods at their own leisure, with access to shelter at any time.  On our 7-acre farm, we raise, process, and sell duck, chicken, goose, rabbit, guinea fowl, and pigeon. We utilize our animals from bone to plate creating an extensive line of stocks, fats, bones etc. We currently source our eggs and meats to local foodies in the Austin, TX and surrounding areas. All of our animals are raised in an herbicide, pesticide, and chemical fertilizer free environment, with their natural diets supplemented with a locally milled custom grain mixture that is free of growth hormones. We process all of our poultry on-site in our state licensed facility / abattoir.