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Our Story

Coyote Hill Farm was started in 2006 with the goal of raising rabbits for meat for our family and others in the area. Shortly afterwards, chickens were added to provide another food source. We enjoyed having the chickens, and the number of chickens increased along with the addition of turkeys, guineas, ducks, and geese. With the increase in the number of chickens, we now have the ability to provide farm fresh, free-range eggs to others. In addition to providing eggs, we are often able to provide rabbit meat on occasion, as we have started to increase the number of rabbits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact us is through email at

We are often out on the farm or in the barns. In this situation we often do not recieve a signal strong enough to accept a call or do not have our phone with us. We apologize for this inconvience. If you do call, please leave a message, and we will return your call as soon as we are able.

Why do you sell your eggs?

We enjoy the farming lifestyle, raising our livestock, and enjoying the food products that the livestock and crops provide. As the farm grew the chickens were laying more eggs than we could use and we wanted to provide farm fresh products directly from the farm to the customer to provide the freshest products available.

When can I pick up eggs at the farm?

We are available most days at the farm for picking up eggs. There are some times that we must be away though, please email or call to arrange a time to pick up eggs at the farm. This is also a good time to get directions to the farm. In addition to eggs at the farm, our eggs are available at Southern States Co-op during regular business hours. We try to keep them stocked there as a convenience for our customers.

When do you have eggs available?

We usually have eggs available daily, but sometimes the hens don’t cooperate or customers buy more than usual some weeks. It is a good idea to email or call ahead to be sure we will have eggs available that day.

What size and color are your eggs?

The eggs our hens produce vary in size from medium to extra large with the average size being large. Usually it takes the younger hens some time to start producing larger eggs. The eggs are various shades of brown from tan to a dark chocolate brown and blue eggs. The blue eggs are typically a little smaller than the brown eggs. We have one hen that lays a white medium sized egg.

How often do you collect eggs?

We collect the eggs daily, sometimes twice daily. Most hens lay in the morning, but every now and then they will get off their cycle and lay in the afternoon.

Do you ever have small eggs to sell?

We do have a small flock of Japanese and Wyandotte Bantams which lay small tan or light brown eggs. We can make these available if requested. Send us an email or give us a call if small eggs are of interest to you.

What kinds of chickens do you have?

We have had several breeds of chickens over the years. Currently we focus on the following heritage breeds; Araucana, Brahma, and Wyandotte chickens. In addition to our heritage breeds we also raise Ameraucana, Maran, and Golden Comet chickens. There are also a few older hens of various breeds from earlier years that are living out their lives here ruling the roost.

Do you let visitors tour your chicken facilities?

Unfortunately for biosecurity reasons it is not possible for visitors to tour the facilities. Keeping our hens healthy keeps them happy and laying the healthy eggs we all enjoy.

Do you have other farm to customer products?

We are currently working to have rabbit meat available to customers that enjoy incorporating different meats into their meals and to customers that are interested in trying a different, healthy, affordable meat.

We are also in the planning stages of adding quail to the farm to be able to offer our customers fresh quail eggs and quail meat.

During the spring, summer, and fall growing seasons we hope to have various produce items available for our customers.

Check back here in the News & Answer section for our progress on offering these products.

How often does a hen lay an egg?

It takes a hen about 24 hours to produce an egg. It is the rare occasion that a hen will lay 2 eggs in one day, but it can happen. It is more likely that they will miss a day or 2 of laying due to stress, such as an extreme change in the weather,

Do you have to have a rooster for hens to lay eggs?

No. Hens will lay eggs whether there is a rooster present or not. We do have roosters here at the farm because we enjoy their crowing, and they are good protectors of the hens, signaling to them if there is a possible danger present.