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All of our sheep are pasture fed all year long on a beautiful 1500+ acres. We have 3 or more groups we rotate often so they have access to fresh pasture. This method has been GREAT for the health of our sheep. Letting our pastures have adequate time to grow between grazings has minimized the need for medical interference. We care for our sheep and want every stage of their life to be stress-free. We are able to achieve that with routine. Our older ewes know exactly where they are going. We have a border collie that assists us in moving our sheep, but our mature ewes start heading in the right direction when we call out “sheep sheep”. If you are interested in visual of our husbandry, we are on Instagram @cranecreekranch.

We offer whole and half lamb in Roseburg. We are currently taking reservations for July. We will have lamb that will be ready in the fall. If you are from out of the Roseburg area and are interested in our lamb, please contact us. We are willing to transport to an USDA meat processor if there is enough interest.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions. We would love to answer them!