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Our Story

Welcome to the Crazy Chicken Ranch! It has always been a dream of our family to have a small, family farm. So when the opportunity to do so presented itself, we jumped on it! We started our journey with 5 hens that were given to us by a friend, and that quickly multiplied into 80 of them (give or take). We have multiple breeds of chickens – Rhode Island Reds, Golden Comets, Barred Rock, Turkens, and Buff Orpingtons make up the majority of our flock.  Our hens are free-range during the day, roaming our 10 acres, and playing together. They are put into a coop at night for their safety. On our farm, we also have 2 horses, 3 goats, numerous cats, 2 dogs, and 2 parrots. If you need eggs, feel free to call us, or Facebook message us, and we will get you set up with them as fast as our hens can lay!


When visiting our farm, please remember this is a neighborhood. Please follow the posted 5 mph speed limit to help us keep the dust down, as well as keeping the kids that walk their animals on the road, safe!  🙂


Our eggs are a minimum grade A, size Large, and we are CA-SEFS Compliant (and have a current license).