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Our Story

We have been raising chickens for 5 years. Finally have learned how to out smart all the poor chicken predators.

Our chickens free range during the day and retire at night to their 3 level coop. They are fed antibiotic/hormone free feed. They also get daily treats of various fresh fruit and
vegetables. Along with nuts and seeds.

Our 18 chickens are treated as one of the family and are very friendly. They are our Happy Hens!

Our eggs vary in color due to the breeds. The eggs are dark or medium brown, tan, off white, pink, light green/blue and now olive green.  All have deep golden orange yolks.

In addition to the chickens we also have 4 ducks.  They are free range and organically raised.  Duck eggs are great for those with chicken egg allergies.  They are larger and richer flavor than chicken eggs.  Source of high quality protein along with Vitamin B.  Rich source of Vitamin D, B6, B12, selenium and zinc, iron and copper.

We also like to recycle clean egg cartons, so save your cartons!