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Our Story

We started out with three chickens in our backyard in Lodi, California and loved them so much that the flock grew.  When we realized that we would need a bigger place, California was not an option.  We discovered this beautiful town in South Carolina through a realtor.  We told her we wanted a place that we could raise chickens and here we are!  Just outside of Mullins, SC…right in between Myrtle Beach and Florence.  Our farm has been growing every year and we have now been here a little over 6 years. Currently we have approximately 120-130 chickens.

Our girls get to be real chickens.  They lay beautiful blue, green, olive, chocolate and speckled eggs.  They roam free in our backyard pasture.  They get up when they want, they go outside when they want, they lay eggs where they want.  We buy local feed to supplement their foraging.  Also, they get the benefit of the produce from the farmers market. We do have to keep them covered and fenced to avoid the hawks and other predators.   Happy chickens lay happy eggs!

We also have Heritage Breed Bourbon Turkeys.  Their eggs and meat are available seasonally.