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Our Story

We stared out with three chickens in our backyard in Lodi, California.  We loved them so much that the flock grew.  When we realized that we would need a bigger place, California was not an option.  We discovered this beautiful town in South Carolina through a realtor.  We told her we wanted a place that we could raise chickens and here we are!  Just outside of Mullins, SC…right in between Myrtle Beach and Florence.  We have been here a little over 5 years.

Our chickens are fed grain from Newberry, SC.  We buy local from Collins feed.  Our girls are allowed to roam freely in the yard.  We do have to keep them covered and fenced to avoid the hawks.  They lay beautiful dark brown to light brown and green to light green eggs.  Happy chickens make wonderful eggs!


Our new coop is currently under construction.  When it is finished, there will be pictures of our farm and girls.