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Our Story

Starting off with a supply to sustain our own family we raised our chickens. Over time we have slowly grown and currently have over 250 laying hens and decided it was time to start selling our eggs. Because these chickens were raised with the idea to feed our own family we made sure to raise them in the best possible care. The chickens are free range, farm fresh local eggs. Our chickens are the happiest chickens and love spending their days wandering about the luscious grass enjoying the sunshine. They have a clean well-kempt barn to spend the nights in or the cold winter days to protect them from the predators and the freezing temperatures. They lay nutritious, multicolored eggs that taste much better than the normal store eggs. We have enjoyed the eggs for over 10 years with our family and decided it was time to spread the love. We continuously have chicks in the incubator to prepare for the new round of egg laying eggs. Right now we have a small batch of 25 chickies ready for the springy outdoors.