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Our Story

We are a small family farm in Branchville NJ, run by a husband and wife team who value locally produced quality food. Visit us for eggs and seasonal vegetables, fruit, garlic, and herbs. We also make handmade soaps, dried herbs, and dog biscuits here at the farm. We strive to bring the best from our farm to your family – our mission is to bring you local, organic practice, natural food and products…if we wouldn’t serve it or use it, you won’t see it here.  As for your pets, our 5-dog team of sled dogs personally tests all pet products for quality!

We are working overtime to make our farm viable, so may not always be around when you stop by – but we love meeting our customers and introducing our farm and animals to your family. We look forward to becoming a valuable source for your local eggs and produce. You can help us grow by stopping by to see what we have that you might enjoy!

Our family, and our chickens, thank you!

And of course, gratitude is central to our lives, so we want to mention that the lovely photos of our farm used here on Local Hens were taken by Beth Adams and various other friends. Thank you everyone!

Lee Ann & Dave