Dalkena Highlands

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Our Story

After multiple knee surgeries for Honey, and inflammatory issues in Derek’s shoulder, we decided that enough was enough. We started to dive deeper into what was actually causing all these problems and found our answer in the kitchen. We were eating enough processed garbage that it would make anyone feel crap. Right then and there, we decided to make a change. We felt compelled to know exactly where our food was coming from, but we also wanted a hand in raising and caring for those animals as well. Since then, we have been on a mission to create most of the things we consume in our house entirely from scratch, whether it be bread or noodles to hand crafting our own pastrami and corned beef (or elk) to fermenting cabbage from our garden and canning and preserving anything and everything we grow.

In 2017, our young family of four dove head first into the purchase of the large farm we live on now with an old dairy barn on the property. Neither of us we’re born or raised on a farm, but what we lacked in knowledge of that lifestyle we made up for in dedication, courage and resilience. The 115 acre plot of land we reside on gives us the room to grow to ensure we can provide for not only our family, but yours as well, for years to come.

We share this experience with our two young children, Joy and Vincent, who are our right hand crew with most projects on a daily basis. We feel so blessed to also have Derek’s parents close by as they are a part of our day in and day out operations too.

Off the farm, Derek is a full-time firefighter and Honey is a part-time Registered Nurse. We are both avid hunters and believe that life is best lived enjoying the great outdoors.

When we aren’t tending to our cattle, the horses, goats, chickens and ducks or our other four legged family, we like to enjoy our afternoons in the summer on the boat and our mornings after chores in the winter on the mountains.

We are so glad you’re here to take part in our journey and grow with us on this wild adventure! There is always something new to learn, fun to be had and our love for what we do to be shared! We work hard to provide superior proteins that are raised the way god intended to other families just like yours.

We want you to experience the taste and freshness that comes from animals raised on a farm like ours where hours of time, attention and care went in to that product. We are so appreciate and thankful for your unwavering support and love of this special place we call home.

Thank you for being here. We hope to see you at the farm soon!