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Buddy’s farm dreams began 7 years ago and the excitement Buddy felt as he watched his chicks grow within their eggs, unseen to his eye, was beautiful to witness. His faith in the growth of those eggs was inspiring and his love for them at the moment of hatch was nothing short of a mothers love when she sees her baby for the first time.
Although the struggle to make a name for yourself and gain the trust of your community is hard when you move to a new town, Buddy hasn’t let that destroy his dreams. There have been days where he’s been ready to kick off his boots but he’s always found his bearings and pulled himself back up. Each year he dreams a little bigger & works a little harder. When you buy from Buddy you’re truly supporting the American Dream and your hard earned money is helping a little boys farm dreams to blossom and grow.
2 S Gale Rd. Oregon, Il
Thursday & Friday 1-6
Saturday 10-2