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Dandelion Feathers farm began with a little boys dream to be a farmer. His vision rolled out cornfields and a combine; the real-life version allowed for chickens and a manageable produce garden. As Buddy has grown – his garden and flock has grown with him.  He hatches out new chicks each year and expands his pumpkin growing each year as well. It’s hard work to keep everything weed and pest free when you want everything to exist truly organically. But, Buddy faces those obstacles, and he works very hard to maintain his little farm.

What’s The Story Behind The Name, Dandelion Feathers Farm?…  The first clutch of eggs that we hatched grew so quickly that we dubbed them dandelions, and their downy feathers floated all around our little world, covering us in dandelion feathers. And, so it was; God had given Buddy a name for his farm. And, through those little chickens, we are given an everyday reminder of Gods faithfulness, love and protection.

What Do Buddy’s Hens Eat? … Modesto Milling Organics – this can also be purchased at a discounted rate in our store.

What Else Is Available For Purchase In Store? … Christian Books & Gifts … Ooly Art Supplies … Natural & Organic Horse Care Products … Organic Mushroom Coffee … New & Nearly New Womans & Childrens Clothing.

He will cover you with is feathers & under his wings you will find refuge Psalm 91:4