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Our chickens know what grass is. Our hens free-range outside daily, except in severe weather, and return to a safe coop at night.  They are fed organic (and non-GMO) Green Mountain feed, supplemented with what they forage and table scraps (not all of our table scraps are organic).  We only administer medication under the care of an avian vet, and (as of February 2016) our hens have not been treated with any antibiotics.  Eggs are produced by heritage breed Anconas, heritage breed barred Plymouth Rock, and Easter Egger hens.

Eggs available with local delivery to from Manchester to Pawlet, near Route 30 for $5/doz delivered.

Email daphnecybele@gmail.com to check availability and to sign up.

Egg cartons are a mix of white eggs, brown eggs, and green-blue eggs.

Spring is coming, and more eggs will be available soon!