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Our Story

We’re a family of four with WAY too many chickens for our own good! It’s a bit of an obsession! We have wonderful accommodations for our lovely birds and they free-range in a corner of our back yard. We’re especially proud of knowing that the eggs we eat and sell do not contribute to a horrible life of hens in battery cages or “free-ranging” in an extremely over crowded barn. Our chickens truly free-range.

nom nom noms!

The eggs are sold to help pay for some of the feed, and I can feel good that there are a few less eggs coming from a factory farm with horrible and unsanitary conditions! YAY Chickens!

Oreo, our Silver Laced Polish is sitting on three eggs! She’s hoping to be a mama! She spends almost 24 hours a day on her nest, only moving to eat and drink for a few minutes a couple of times a day! We’ve separated her from the flock while she does so that she doesn’t get too stressed out. Once the babies have hatched, we’ll put her and her chicks into the smaller coop for a while so the other hens don’t bother them. After they are big enough they will be integrated into the flock.