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Looking for humanely treated, high quality eggs?   Our family run farm is committed to providing the healthiest eggs for your consumption. Our chickens get nutrients from the field, fruits and vegetables that would once be headed to the trash or compost pile, and supplemented with chicken feed. You will not regret the investment in your health.

Dixie Farm was the inspiration from years of longing for a life that reconnects to nature, food, and family. Eric and Shannon have been married since 1995, after meeting in college. Eric grew up in the Savannah area but Shannon was a city girl from Atlanta. Growing up, Shannon didn’t think about where her food came from, if pesticides were being used, and if the animals were being treated humanely…. until family needs required Eric and Shannon to move to the Savannah area from North Georgia prior to 2000.

Eric’s grandfather, a native from the Savannah area, always hunted, fished, did backyard mechanics, and worked a large home garden. His grandmother would can veggies from the garden, prepare foods from in season produce, and she was an amazing seamstress. She could sew anything from just looking at it! It was so refreshing to see how the older generation had a connection to their food and community.

Eric and Shannon continued to dream about having a farm and raising a family on the farm. So, in 2005, Eric and Shannon bought 10 acres in North Effingham to (eventually) build on and begin their own personal farm. It took longer than expected but they moved into their “forever home” in 2017 with three teenaged boys. By that point, they had already been raising chickens for a couple of years for personal consumption, learning from trial and error, and from the internet. Praise God for YouTube and Google!!!

Apparently, “Chicken Math” is a real thing because the personal consumption chickens became ‘oh my, we have wayyyy too many eggs!’ chickens, which officially necessitated the start of Dixie Farm. (Chicken Math is 1 chicken +1 chicken = 10 chickens.)

Now housing more than 50 hens, 35 chicks, and 16 pekin ducks, Dixie Farm has a candling license from the GA Department of Agriculture and is permitted to sell to end users. Dixie Farm believes in supporting local businesses, the humane treatment of animals, and providing quality foods for all members of the community, regardless of ability to pay.

Soon, Dixie Farm hopes to expand into breeding sex-link and heritage breed chickens. Additionally, Dixie Farms plans on raising meat birds in the next few years.

Thank you for your support and remember to buy local!