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Dolce Vita Farm, Keeping life sweet…naturally!

Dolce Vita Farm is a family owned farm in northeast Texas approximately 75 miles east of Dallas. We are building Dolce Vita Farm to be a place where one can come enjoy the outdoor environment and develop a relationship with the producer of the food one will eat.   We produce pasture raised eggs and poultry.  We produce our eggs using organic methods. We are Certified Naturally Grown. In addition, we raise our pasture eggs and poultry using animal welfare enriched environments.  We feel strongly there is a connection between the quality of the animal’s life and the food it will produce.  Pasture raised eggs and poultry are our primary focus, however, we are expanding.  We are planting several orchards, building greenhouses with gardens, and enriching our pastures for hay production.

Dolce Vita Farm is dedicated to producing quality, wholesome, nutritious food based on clean eating principles.

We acheived our goal.  We have been Certified Naturally Grown.

Now accepting membership applications for our spring season CSA.  We are offering two choices, Poultry and Egg shares, available in full and half shares.  Or an egg only shares are available.  Please email for more details.

The hens have been resting over the winter.  With the warmer weather we have been experiencing they are gearing up for spring.  Fresh eggs are available.

Our egg club is the opportunity to secure free range eggs all year round. It is free to join!   Email

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