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Our Story

We started a hobby almost 4 years ago with some feed store chicks but that didnt satisfy our vision of raising rare and beautiful chickens.  We purchased our first White Faced Black Spanish Chickens from a hatchery, then 3 months later a raccoon wiped out the flock.  Devastated, we started searching for someone who would help us get some more of these beautiful chickens.  We purchased some chicks from Tim Lowrance from southern MO, then a pair of adult birds from Christian Hodge Myers Anderson from Arkansas.  These birds were bred by Paul Smith and came from Moss Mountain Farm in Arkansas.  They have been a blessing because these are the birds that our flock is based on.  They are a work in progress but we have a really good start.

We also have other breeds on the farm, but our primary focus is on the Spanish birds.  Our other flocks consist of Golden Cuckoo Marans, Dark Brahma, Light Brahma, Buff laced Brahma and Blue Partridge Brahma.  We also have Ayam Cemani, the totally black chicken and Blue Andalusians.

Our goal is to preserve these endangered breeds and to breed to the SOP (Standard of Perfection).