Dory Dozens Delights

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Our Story

Dory Dozens Delights is a small family farm where every bird has a name, a story, and a favorite treat. Our ducks and chickens live a lovely life here at 9100 feet in the Colorado Rockies. We use organic and natural methods, house them in a spacious, clean coop, and feed them a wide variety of healthy foods with non-GMO, organic sprouted grains forming the backbone of their diet. The chickens and ducks supplement their diet at will with whatever they find in the pasture where they spend time every day. Our baby birds are already adapted to the altitude and make a great addition to your Rocky-Mountain flock, with hybrid vigor and the chance to get blue, brown, and olive eggs once they’re grown.

We raise chickens and ducks with attitude at high altitude!

We also run a cottage kitchen, making natural, handmade jams, jellies, marmalades, salsas, and chutneys. We currently offer almost 60 varieties and make new ones whenever we find fresh, local fruit.