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Pasture Raised and Grass Grazed… from one meat snob to another!

At Dos Lobos Ranch, we covet premium, top quality meat (and are self-described meat-snobs to boot), so only the best will do for us!  And let me tell you… after trying our own products ourselves, we will never go back to grocery store meat, even from the top premium grocers!  Folks, we were missing something all of our lives, and maybe you have been, too; this meat is REAL.  The proper processes of raising animals, good husbandry, and humane slaughter make every ounce of difference in the end product and we make dang sure our animals are happy, healthy, and comfortable (but not shiatsu massage and spa day comfortable, let’s be real here).

We offer pasture raised eggs, chicken, pork, duck, duck eggs, turkey, and beef.  Our meat birds are moved to fresh pasture daily and are fed either conventional feed (or corn free, soy free, Non-GMO fed by special order only).  We raise Cornish Cross (or Freedom Ranger heritage breed chickens by special order only).  We raise small batches of heritage breed turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas by reservation only starting in July.  We raise heritage breed hogs on pasture and feed them conventional feed (limited quantities of pork available at this time).  We raise Dexter beef cattle that is truly grass-fed, grass-finished (our first beef will be available December 2024).  We also raise duck eggs (coming soon) and duck meat (special order only).  Our egg-laying chickens are allowed to free-range across our entire 10 acres and eat as many insects as they can.  We also have a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf and Nigerian/Pygmy cross goats and will offer babies for purchase in the future!

We are a brand new farm established in 2023, practicing regenerative agriculture, and serving the western communities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.  We are getting the hang of things and a feel for what our customers want while closely monitoring the load that our small acreage can support.  We are flexible and can work with you to custom raise batches of chicken to your desired feed specifications other than conventional feed.  Feel free to reach out to us and we will work with you to fulfill your needs!  We are active on social media (with lots of adorable animal videos!) and would love for you to join us as two rebels go against the grain and set off to raise meat the right way: the Dos Lobos way!

Memberships: APPPA, ADCA