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Our Story

We are a small family farm of young farmers. We started with one cow, a pet rabbit and have grown so much in just a few years. We are in the process of buying a farm of our own. We have a beautiful 9 month old daughter named Huntleigh, and she loves the animals! I am so happy we get to raise our daughter on a farm and teach her the value of hard work and that your dreams can come true. My dream is to provide our community with great value meat and eggs that is raised with love in a natural way. All of our beef is pasture raised as well as our rabbit meat. All can be custom cut and we offer package deals or sell by the quarters, halves and wholes. We also offer a variety of services for our customers with livestock of their own or who are interested in raising livestock for meat or pets. That includes but not limited to Artificial insemination of cattle, Hoof trimming for sheep and goats, nail trimming and maintenance of rabbits and other pets.  We also offer raw goat milk for crafting or animal use as well! All in a limited quantity as we have available. We love our customers and hope to serve lots one day as we grow and can offer our meat eggs and produce  year round.