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It all started out with three hens. Then I could not keep myself from buying more fluff balls. We had more and more hens, and we couldn’t even give all the eggs away. We started selling, but our road doesn’t have much traffic. Online seems like a fun way to find new customers.

I’m a 19 year old college student who found a love of chickens (and other birds), after I moved back home to Nacogdoches. I live with my parents and siblings at home. Chickens are my favorite farm animal, and mine are like my children.

I first got chickens to get eggs, but patience is important when you buy chicks. I decided to buy a few hens and let them settle in so I could taste a delicious fresh farm egg. After a hospital visit, my sister brought a hen inside and layed it with me. The chicken nestled in, but eventually left. It left us with our first egg, right in my bed.

Every season we buy more chicks to expand the flock, and sometimes we let them go broody, or incubate eggs. I’ve learned so much about chickens in these two years and I’m sad we didn’t move sooner.

All of my chickens have names and personalities of their own, but we always end up with too many roosters. We give them away to flocks that need a rooster.

Please call/text me before coming to get eggs. Someone may not be home, and the dogs do not take kindly to strangers. We may also be out of stock.