Drury Lane Farm

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Soy- Free
No Antibiotics
No Chemicals or Hormones
Truly Pastured

Drury Lane Farm is a small, multi-generational farm, that’s nestled between two rivers in King William County, located in the beautiful southern state of Virginia.  Bob, Gina, & Jason Nice have been raising pastured meats and eggs since 2010. On our farm, we do not believe in confinement-based farming. Instead, we raise our animals in a humane setting which consists of large, opened pastures with plenty of room for the animals to roam around, scratch, dig, and forage for food just as God created them to do. We are continually striving to give our animals the best nutritious type of pasture which ultimately affects the quality of our meats and eggs.

Everything we do here on the farm is based on God’s design. From the way we treat our animals, to what we feed them. We just allow them to do what God created them to do! We don’t confine them; we thoroughly enjoy them!  All our animals are treated respectfully, and in return, they provide the best tasting, most healthy food you have ever put on your table. Give our delicious and nutritious products a try! We eat them every day and are confident you will enjoy them as much as we do.