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Our Story

Duchess Creek Farms is more than a business, it’s our home, and we put the same level of care and love into the products we sell as the ones we set a table for each night at dinner.

  • At Duchess Creek Farms, we’re committed to raising high quality beef that is grass-fed and custom finished. We never use antibiotics or added hormones, and the cattle roam freely amongst our pastures from the day they arrive. The environment we provide them with is aimed to be stress free at all times, even during transportation and processing. This not only ensures a happy life for them, but ultimately, tender, well-marbled beef for you.


  • We’re not here to villainize the meat industry. Quite clearly, we’re a part of it. But the fact of the matter is, you do have choices—and we think you ought to know what they are. Every farm has different preferences, practices, and traditions, and each seeks to make a livelihood the way that best suits them. At Duchess Creek Farms, we’ve chosen what some might consider “the hard way.” We sacrifice acres of land for free range livestock, we move at their speed, and we keep things natural.


  • We raise a limited amount of beef per year, so pre-orders are necessary. A deposit is required to reserve, and the balance is due the day of processing. Delivery is available for select major U.S. cities.

Please visit our website at: www.duchesscreekfarms for all the details and additional information.